Terms and conditions

1. Definitions

11Graphs: company identified at the head of these Terms and Conditions.

Subscriber: means a Registered User who has subscribed to a subscription proposed by 11Graphs.

Acknowledgement of Receipt: means the electronic mail sent by 11Graphs to the Subscriber or the Registered User summarizing the essential elements of his subscription contract.

Client: any professional or capable natural person in the sense of the articles 1123 and following of the French Civil Code, or legal entity, who visits the Site. The Client may therefore be a Subscriber, a Registered User or, more generally, a simple Internet user.

Access Codes: designates the Subscriber or Registered User's identifier and his connection password provided to 11Graphs at the time of his registration, allowing him to identify himself and to connect to the subscribed service provided on the Site.

Account: refers to the space made available to the Subscriber or Registered User on the Site, allowing him to access, after having identified himself by his Access Codes, to all data concerning his contract, to his invoices, if any, and to his Profile.

Content: All the elements constituting the information present on the Site, in particular texts - images - videos - data.

Cookie: For more information on cookies, please consult our privacy policy.

Registration Form: means the form allowing the Subscriber or the Registered User to communicate to 11Graphs his Profile.

Customer Information: Hereinafter referred to as "Information(s)" which corresponds to all personal data that may be held by 11Graphs for the management of your account, customer relationship management and for analysis and statistical purposes.

Personal information: "Information which allows, in any form whatsoever, directly or not, the identification of the natural persons to which it applies" (article 4 of the French law n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978). The terms "personal data", "person concerned", "subcontractor" and "sensitive data" have the meaning defined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR: n° 2016-679).

Profile: refers to the information communicated by the User when registering or when logging on, namely the personal data of the Subscriber or Registered User necessary to manage his subscription or access to the Site and the method of payment chosen for the services thus selected.

Customer Service: refers to the information and assistance service made available by 11Graphs to the Users. The Customer Service can be contacted on Twitter: @11GraphsSupport

Signature: means the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions by the Subscriber and/or the Registered User by validating online by clicking on the validation button of the Registration Form.

Site: means all products and services offered by 11Graphs on the Internet from the address https://11graphs.com/.

Subscription Price: means the price of the Subscription paid by the Subscriber, as indicated on the Subscription Form, in force on the date of Signature.

Holder: refers to any individual or legal entity holding economic and/or moral rights to the Information.

Registered User: designates any individual or legal entity, French or foreign, who consults, in a professional capacity, and who has registered to access free and/or paid services on the Site.

Pursuant to Article 6 of French Law 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy, users of the website https://11graphs.com/ are informed of the identity of the various parties involved in its creation and monitoring:

Société par actions simplifiée
68 rue de Dampont, 95450 Us, France
Company registered in the trade and companies register of Pontoise
SIREN: 884 874 330

Person in charge of publication:
Rémi Chartier

Rémi Chartier

Data Protection Officer:
Rémi Chartier

Amazon Web Services
410 Terry Avenue North Seattle, WA 98109 USA

Payment Service Provider:
510 Townsend Street - San Francisco, CA 94103, USA

3. Terms and conditions

The Site constitutes a work of the mind protected by the provisions of the French Intellectual Property Code and applicable International Regulations. The Customer may in no way reuse, transfer or exploit for his own account all or part of the elements or works of the Site.

The use of the website https://11graphs.com/ implies full and complete acceptance of the Terms and Conditions described hereafter. Consequently, the Customer accepts, fully and without any reserve, all of these Terms and conditions of the Site before any subscription, consultation of Information and/or simple free use of the Site. Unless proven otherwise, the data recorded on the Site constitutes proof of all transactions between 11Graphs and the Client. In case of subscription on the Site, the acceptance of the Terms and conditions occurs when the Subscriber, after having filled in the online Registration Form, clicks on the payment button. More generally, the Customer accepts all the Terms and conditions of the Site by the sole fact of his access to the Site.

These Terms and Conditions may be modified or supplemented at any time. Users of the https://11graphs.com/ website are therefore invited to consult them on a regular basis. However, no modification of the Terms and conditions shall be enforceable against the Customer before this modification has been brought to his knowledge.

In the same way, the legal disclaimer may be modified at any time: they are nevertheless binding on the user who is invited to refer to them as often as possible in order to take note of them.

All the services and content offered by the Site are reserved for persons legally capable of entering into a contract.

3.1 Description of the services provided

In application of article L. 111-1 of the French Consumer Code, 11Graphs invites Customers to browse its website in order to discover the products and services offered for sale by 11Graphs and to allow them to know before ordering the essential characteristics of said products and services.

11Graphs strives to provide on the site https://11graphs.com/ information as accurate as possible. However, it could not be held responsible for omissions, inaccuracies and deficiencies in the update, whether they are due to its own fault or that of third party partners who provide this information.

All the information indicated on the website https://11graphs.com/ is given as an indication, and is subject to change. Moreover, the information on the website https://11graphs.com/ is not exhaustive. It is given subject to modifications that have been made since it was put online.

3.1.1 Free services

The website https://11graphs.com/ provides a number of free services including articles and information on all the company's activities.

3.1.2 Paid services

The website https://11graphs.com/ allows access by subscription to paid services allowing the Customer, if he wishes, a differentiated access to Content, in particular to 11Graphs algorithms.

3.2. Rates

The prices of our products are indicated in american dollars, value added tax included. All orders, whatever their origin, are payable in american dollars.

The equipment (computers, telephone, software, means of telecommunication ...) allowing access to the Site and to some of its specific services are at the exclusive charge of the Customer, as well as the telecommunications costs incurred by their use.

The price of the annual subscription is indicated before any subscription and is periodically revised. Their latest update can be consulted here: Pricing

The Tariff of the annual subscription fee does not include any special or promotional offers. The Annual Subscription Tariff is the one in force on the day of subscription. A possible modification of the annual subscription rate has no impact on the current subscription.

3.3. Registration

When registering online, the Customer agrees to provide true, accurate and complete information as required in the Registration Form and to keep it up to date without delay.

In the event that the Customer would provide false, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete information, 11Graphs would be entitled to suspend or terminate, under the conditions referred to in Article 3.8.2 of these Terms and Conditions, his subscription and refuse him, immediately and for the future, access to all or part of the Site.

3.4. Validation of the purchase

Before validating a subscription, the Customer may at any time correct any errors made in entering his data.

By clicking on the "Pay" button, the Customer accepts these Terms and Conditions, fully and unreservedly, and waives his right of withdrawal in accordance with Article 3.9.

An Acknowledgement of Receipt will be sent by return to the e-mail address given in the Registration Form, indicating the exact amount invoiced and the terms of delivery of the purchase. This Acknowledgement of Receipt constitutes acceptance of the order and validates the transaction.

The Customer acknowledges that the data recorded on the Site constitutes proof of the contract (nature, purpose and date) and the data recorded by the payment system described in Article 3.5.1, proof of the financial transaction.

The acceptance of technical Cookies is essential for any purchase or subscription on the Site. For more information on these Cookies, please consult our privacy policy.

3.5. Methods of payment

3.5.1 Payment by credit card

11Graphs offers payment by credit card through a secure payment server to pay the annual subscription.

The online payment by credit card is ensured by the secured solution Stripe. Thus 11Graphs does not store credit card numbers on its servers. Credit card numbers are processed by Stripe and transactions with 11Graphs are based on authorization number, transaction number and merchant ID. The Subscriber's credit card details are never transmitted unencrypted over the network.

Transactions and Customer information are always confirmed. It is advisable to print the confirmation and keep it. In any event, the Customer will be able to access the record of the transaction automatically carried out on his Account. The Customer also has access to all the contact details needed to contact the Site in the event of a problem.

Only the Customer is responsible for the credit card payment made on the Site. 11Graphs cannot be held responsible for payment problems related to the malfunctioning of the e-commerce service.

The Subscriber is invoiced on the effective date of his subscription or on the date of his re-subscription.

Amounts due are payable as of the billing date or at each due date of the direct debit.

3.5.2 Payment incidents

In the event that 11Graphs does not or cannot receive payment from the Subscriber, its subscription will be suspended in accordance with Article 3.8.2 until the payment is settled by the Subscriber.

3.5.3 Complaints

Any complaint or dispute regarding the Customer's invoice can be made to Customer Service, which can be reached on Twitter: @11GraphsSupport

3.6. Delivery

The activation of a subscription takes place as soon as 11Graphs receives the payment, i.e. immediately after the order. In any case, the Customer is notified of this activation by sending an email to the email address provided at the time of the order. The Customer must therefore provide a valid e-mail address.

3.7. Duration of services

The subscription is taken out for a period of one year from the date of payment. It is tacitly renewable on expiry for an identical period, unless terminated by the Customer under the conditions set out in Article 3.8.1.

3.8. Termination

3.8.1 Termination of the subscription by the Subscriber

The Subscriber may terminate his annual subscription contract at any time. Termination will be effective on the Subscription expiry date. Thus, if his contract is terminated, the Subscriber will be able to continue to access the 11Graphs paid service until the anniversary date of his subscription contract.

The expiration of the term will cause the Subscriber's access to his Subscription to be cancelled. However, the Subscriber retains his Profile data as a Registered User.

Cancellation does not entail any refund or compensation from 11Graphs.

3.8.2 Termination of the subscription by 11Graphs

11Graphs reserves the right to suspend or terminate any subscription in case of non-compliance by the Customer with these Terms and Conditions, including in case of default of payment, fraudulent use or sharing of content with non-subscribers.

This termination is made without notice or compensation for the Customer, who is informed by e-mail sent to the e-mail address given in the Customer's Profile.

This termination does not affect the right of 11Graphs to claim damages for compensation for any loss suffered.

3.9. Right of withdrawal

In accordance with Article L. 221-28 of the French Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for contracts:

1° For the supply of services fully performed before the end of the withdrawal period and whose performance has begun after the consumer's prior express agreement and express renunciation of his right of withdrawal;

9° The supply of audio or video recordings or computer software when they have been unsealed by the consumer after delivery;

13° The supply of digital content not supplied on a physical medium, the performance of which has begun after the consumer's prior express agreement and express renunciation of his right of withdrawal.

No request for retraction will be able to intervene following the purchase of a paying service provided by 11Graphs to a Customer.

The prior agreement of the Customer and his renunciation of his right of retraction are collected at the time of the purchase of a service.

3.10. Access to the site

The objective is to provide a service that ensures the best availability rate.

The website https://11graphs.com/ is hosted by a service provider in the United States of America in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR: n° 2016-679). The host ensures the continuity of its service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year except in the event of force majeure or the occurrence of an event beyond its control. It nevertheless reserves the right to interrupt the hosting service for the shortest possible time, in particular for maintenance, improvement of its infrastructures, failure of its infrastructures or if the Services generate traffic deemed abnormal. Maintenance operations may be carried out without prior notice to the Customers.

Neither the Subscriber nor 11Graphs shall be held liable to each other for the non-execution or a delay in the execution of an obligation contained in these Terms and Conditions and/or in the subscription contract, following the occurrence of a case of force majeure.

3.11. Use of personal data and respect for privacy

The Access Codes allow the Customer to identify himself and to connect to the subscribed services offered on the Site. These Access Codes are personal and confidential. They can be modified online by the Customer. The Customer is entirely responsible for the use of the Access Codes concerning him/her. Unless proven otherwise, any connection to the Site or transmission of data made using the Client's Access Codes shall be deemed to have been made by the Client.

The Customer undertakes to keep his Access Codes secret and shall refrain from disclosing them in any form whatsoever to third parties. In this respect, the Customer has the possibility to ensure that at the end of each session, he can explicitly log out. In the event of loss, theft or accidental disclosure of his Access Codes, the Client must inform Customer Service without delay, on Twitter: @11GraphsSupport

The Client is invited to consult the privacy policy.

3.12. Rights and duties of the Client

11Graphs grants to the Customer a license for personal use of the Site, revocable, non-transferable, non-exclusive, free or paying according to the Information consulted on the Site.

11Graphs grants the Customer a right to consult, use and access the Information under the following conditions. In a general way, and without this list being considered as exhaustive, the Client undertakes to:

  • use the Content on his equipment only and for exclusively personal and non-commercial use and limited in time; which excludes in particular any reproduction for professional or commercial purposes or for mass distribution, whether free of charge or for a fee;
  • not to copy all or part of the Site on another site or an internal company network;
  • not to reproduce, summarize, alter, modify, move, remove, replace or rebroadcast, without prior written authorization from 11Graphs, the editorial content of the Information [text (articles, titles ...) and/or reproduction (illustrations, photos ...)] and/or the name, logo, trademark of 11Graphs and/or the Holders and/or any other information relating to the rights of 11Graphs and/or the Holders on the Information;
  • not to extract or reuse, including for private purposes, without prior written authorization from 11Graphs, a substantial part or not of the content of the databases and archives constituted by the Site;
  • to set up control systems adapted according to the technical evolutions to avoid any "hacking" of the Information and in particular to avoid the illicit use or contrary to the present General Conditions of Sale and Use of any Information in any way and in any form whatsoever;
  • to inform 11Graphs as soon as it becomes aware of any "hacking" and in particular of any illicit or non-contractual use of the Information and this whatever the means of diffusion used. The violation of these imperative provisions subjects the Customer as well as all the persons who took part in it to the penal and civil sanctions provided for by the law.

3.13. Internet usage rules

11Graphs is committed to making its best efforts to secure access, consultation and use of Information in accordance with the rules of Internet usage.

The site uses JavaScript technology. The website cannot be held responsible for any material damage related to the use of the site. In addition, the user of the website undertakes to access the website using recent, virus-free material and with a latest-generation, up-to-date browser.

The Customer declares that he accepts the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, and in particular acknowledges that:

  • his use of the Site is at his own risk and peril; the Site is accessible to him "as is" and according to its availability;
  • it is his responsibility to take all appropriate measures to protect his own data and/or software from contamination by any viruses circulating through the Site and/or the Information;
  • no advice and no information, whether oral or written, obtained by the Customer from 11Graphs or during the use of the Site are likely to create guarantees not expressly provided for in these General Conditions of Sale and Use;
  • the Client is solely responsible for the use he makes of the Information present on the Site;
  • he is solely responsible for the use of the content of the hypertext links present on the Site;
  • he is aware of the nature of the Internet, in particular its technical performance and response times for consulting, querying or transferring Information;
  • the communication of its Access Codes or, in general, of any information deemed confidential is made under its own responsibility;
  • it is its responsibility to take all necessary measures to ensure that the technical characteristics of its equipment allow it to consult the Information.

3.14. Intellectual property and counterfeits.

11Graphs is the owner of the intellectual property rights and holds the rights of use on all the elements accessible on the website https://11graphs.com/, in particular the texts, images, graphics, logos, videos, icons and sounds. Any reproduction, representation, modification, publication, adaptation of all or part of the elements of the site, regardless of the means or process used, is prohibited without prior written permission from 11Graphs.

Thus, the Customer undertakes in particular not to use the Information in such a way as to infringe the rights of 11Graphs and to ensure that such use does not constitute an infringement or unfair or parasitic competition of the Information.

Any unauthorized use of the Site or of one of its Contents will be considered as constituting an infringement and will be prosecuted in accordance with the provisions of articles L.335-2 and following of the French Intellectual Property Code.

3.15. Liability - Warranties

3.15.1 Warranty of conformity and hidden defects

Pursuant to Article L. 211-2 of the French Consumer Code, it is recalled that 11Graphs is liable for defects of conformity of the goods to the contract under the conditions of Article L. 217-4 of the French Consumer Code and for hidden defects of the item sold under the conditions provided for in Articles 1641 of the French Civil Code.

When acting as a legal guarantee of conformity, the Customer:

  • has a period of two years from the delivery of the good to act;
  • can choose between repairing or replacing the goods, subject to the cost conditions provided for in Article L. 217-9 of the French Consumer Code;
  • is exempted from having to provide proof of the existence of the lack of conformity of the goods during the two years following delivery of the goods, except for second-hand goods.

The legal guarantee of conformity applies independently of any commercial guarantee that may have been granted. The Customer may decide to implement the guarantee against hidden defects of the item sold within the meaning of Article 1641 of the French Civil Code and that in this case, he may choose between cancellation of the sale or a reduction of the sale price in accordance with Article 1644 of the French Civil Code.

The legal texts relating to the legal guarantee of conformity are recalled in the appendices.

3.15.2 Limitation of liability

11Graphs cannot be held responsible for direct and indirect damage caused to the user's equipment, when accessing the website https://11graphs.com/, and resulting either from the use of equipment that does not meet the specifications indicated in Article 3.13, or from the appearance of a bug or incompatibility.

The services offered on our Site comply with current French legislation. We cannot be held liable in the event of non-compliance with the legislation of the country where the services are used. It is up to you to check with the local authorities the possibilities of using the services you plan to order.

11Graphs cannot give any guarantee of reliability as for all the Information and other data present on the Site, that they are provided by 11Graphs, by its partners or by any third party. Consequently, all the Information and other data appearing on the Site are provided only for information purposes.

Accordingly, all information and other data on the Site is provided for information purposes only and the provision of the Information is not intended to be, in any way, a specific advice or a decision support tool for the purpose of making a transaction or investment decision. Consequently, the Client acknowledges that he uses the Content and other data on the Site that is offered to him at his own risk.

The past performances achieved by 11Graphs' algorithms do not constitute in any way a guarantee. Past performance does not necessarily guarantee future performance. An investment in stocks presents risks, in particular the risk of loss of capital. The value of an investment is subject to market fluctuations and can therefore vary both upwards and downwards. As a result, shareholders may lose all or part of their initially invested capital.

3.16. Miscellaneous provisions

If any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions were to be declared null and void or inapplicable pursuant to a law, a regulation or following a court decision that has become final, it would be deemed unwritten and the other provisions would remain in force.

The contractual relations between 11Graphs and the Customer are governed solely by the provisions of these Terms and conditions.

The Subscriber or the Registered User may only transfer all or part of the rights and obligations resulting from his subscription after prior written agreement from 11Graphs and subject to strict compliance with the conditions stipulated in these General Conditions of Sale and Use.

3.17. Applicable law and attribution of jurisdiction.

The present Terms and conditions are subject in all respects to French law.

Only the French version of these Terms and conditions shall be binding between the parties, any other version being provided for translation purposes only. The French version of these terms and conditions can be consulted at the following address: Pdf link.

The parties agree to do their utmost to resolve amicably any dispute that may arise from the interpretation, execution and/or termination of these Terms and conditions.

Failing this, the said dispute shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts, even in the event of an incidental or warranty claim or multiple defendants.

4. Privacy policy

The Customer is informed of the regulations concerning marketing communication, the French law of 21 June 2014 for confidence in the digital economy, the French Data Protection Act of 6 August 2004 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR: no. 2016-679).

4.1 Persons responsible for the collection of personal data

For Personal Data collected in the context of the creation of the User's personal account and his navigation on the Site, the person in charge of processing Personal Data is: 11Graphs which is represented by Rémi Chartier, its legal representative.

As responsible for the processing of the data it collects, 11Graphs undertakes to respect the framework of the legal provisions in force. It is its responsibility to establish the purposes of its data processing, to provide its prospects and customers, from the collection of their consents, complete information on the processing of their personal data and to maintain a register of processing in accordance with reality. Whenever 11Graphs processes Personal Data, 11Graphs takes all reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the Personal Data with respect to the purposes for which 11Graphs processes them.

4.2 Purpose of collected data

11Graphs is likely to process all or part of the data:

  • to allow the navigation on the Site and the management and the traceability of the services ordered by the user: connection and usage data, invoicing, history of the orders, etc.;
  • to prevent and fight against computer fraud (spamming, hacking...): computer equipment used for navigation, IP address, password (hash);
  • to improve navigation on the Site: connection and usage data;
  • to conduct optional satisfaction surveys on https://11graphs.com/: email address;
  • to conduct communication campaigns: email address.

11Graphs does not commercialize your personal data which are therefore only used by necessity or for statistical and analysis purposes.

4.3 Right of access, rectification and opposition

In accordance with the European regulations in force, Users of https://11graphs.com/ have the following rights:

  • right of access (article 15 GDPR) and rectification (article 16 GDPR), updating, completeness of Users' data, right to block or delete Users' personal data (article 17 GDPR), when they are inaccurate, incomplete, ambiguous, outdated, or whose collection, use, communication or storage is prohibited;
  • right to withdraw consent at any time (article 13-2c GDPR);
  • the right to limit the processing of Users' data (Article 18 GDPR);
  • right to object to the processing of Users' data (Article 21 GDPR);
  • the right to the portability of the data provided by Users, when these data are subject to automatic processing based on their consent or on a contract (Article 20 GDPR);
  • the right to define the fate of the Users' data after their death and to choose to whom 11Graphs will have to communicate (or not) its data to a third party that they will have previously designated.

As soon as 11Graphs becomes aware of the death of a User and in the absence of instructions from him, 11Graphs undertakes to destroy his data, except if their conservation proves necessary for evidentiary purposes or to meet a legal obligation.

If the User wishes to know how 11Graphs uses his Personal Data, to ask for a correction or to oppose their processing, the User can contact the DPO of 11Graphs on Twitter @11GraphsSupport

In this case, the User must indicate the Personal Data that he/she would like 11Graphs to correct, update or delete, identifying himself/herself precisely with a copy of an identity document (identity card or passport).

Requests for deletion of Personal Data will be subject to the obligations imposed on 11Graphs by law, in particular with respect to the conservation or archiving of documents. Finally, the Users of https://11graphs.com/ can file a complaint with the control authorities, and in particular with the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority)

4.4 Non-disclosure of personal data

11Graphs will not process, host or transfer the Information collected about its Customers to a country recognized as "unsuitable" by the European Commission without prior notice to the Customer. However, 11Graphs remains free to choose its technical and commercial subcontractors on the condition that they present sufficient guarantees with regard to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR: n° 2016-679).

11Graphs undertakes to take all necessary precautions to preserve the security of the Information and in particular that it is not communicated to unauthorized persons. However, if an incident impacting the integrity or confidentiality of Customer Information is brought to the attention of 11Graphs, 11Graphs must inform the Customer as soon as possible and communicate the corrective measures taken. 11Graphs does not collect "sensitive data".

The User's Personal Data may be processed by 11Graphs subsidiaries and subcontractors (service providers), exclusively in order to achieve the purposes of this policy.

Within the limits of their respective attributions and for the purposes mentioned above, the main persons likely to have access to 11Graphs Users' data are mainly the agents of our Customer Service.

4.5. Incident notification

No matter how hard you try, no method of transmission over the Internet and no method of electronic storage is completely secure. Therefore, we cannot guarantee absolute security. If we become aware of a security breach, we will notify the users concerned so that they can take appropriate action. Our incident notification procedures take into account our legal obligations, whether at national or European level. We are committed to keeping our customers fully informed of all matters relating to the security of their accounts and to providing them with all necessary information to help them meet their own regulatory reporting obligations.

No personal information of the user of the https://11graphs.com/ website is published without the user's knowledge, exchanged, transferred, ceded or sold in any medium whatsoever to third parties. Only the hypothesis of the repurchase of 11Graphs and its rights would allow the transmission of the aforementioned information to the possible purchaser who would be in his turn held with the same obligation of conservation and modification of the data towards the user of the site https://11graphs.com/.

To ensure the security and confidentiality of Personal Data, 11Graphs uses networks protected by standard features such as firewalls, pseudonymization, encryption and passwords.

When processing Personal Data, 11Graphs takes all reasonable steps to protect it from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction.

The site https://11graphs.com/ contains a certain number of hypertext links to other sites, set up with the authorization of 11Graphs. However, 11Graphs has no possibility to check the contents of the sites thus visited, and consequently will not assume any responsibility of this fact.

Unless you decide to disable cookies, you accept that the site can use them. You may deactivate these cookies at any time, free of charge, using the deactivation options offered to you and recalled below, bearing in mind that this may reduce or prevent access to all or part of the Services offered by the site.

4.6.1. Cookies

A "cookie" is an information file sent to the User's browser and stored on the User's terminal (e.g. computer, smartphone), (hereinafter "Cookies"). This file includes information such as the User's domain name, the User's Internet service provider, the User's operating system, and the date and time of access. Cookies do not in any way risk damaging the User's terminal.

11Graphs is likely to process the User's information concerning his visit to the Site, such as the pages consulted, the searches made. This information allows 11Graphs to improve the content of the Site and the User's navigation.

Cookies facilitate navigation and/or the provision of the services offered by the Site, the User can configure his browser to allow him to decide whether or not he wishes to accept them so that Cookies are recorded in the terminal or, on the contrary, that they are rejected, either systematically or according to their issuer. The User may also configure his browser software so that he is offered the possibility of accepting or rejecting Cookies from time to time, before a Cookie is likely to be stored on his terminal. 11Graphs informs the User that, in this case, it is possible that not all the functionalities of his navigation software will be available.

If the User refuses to save Cookies in his terminal or browser, or if the User deletes those saved, the User is informed that his browsing and experience on the Site may be limited. This could also be the case when 11Graphs or one of its service providers cannot recognize, for technical compatibility purposes, the type of browser used by the terminal, the language and display settings or the country from which the terminal appears to be connected to the Internet.

If necessary, 11Graphs declines any responsibility for the consequences related to the degraded operation of the Site and the services possibly proposed by 11Graphs, resulting (i) from the refusal of Cookies by the User (ii) from the impossibility for 11Graphs to record or consult the Cookies necessary for their operation because of the choice of the User. The configuration of each browser is different for the management of Cookies and the User's choices. It is described in the browser's help menu, which will show how the User can modify his wishes regarding Cookies.

At any time, the User may choose to express and modify his or her wishes regarding Cookies. In addition, 11Graphs may use the services of external service providers to help it collect and process the information described in this section.

Finally, by clicking on the icons dedicated to the social networks Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Seeking Alpha appearing on the Site of 11Graphs or in its mobile application and if the User has accepted the deposit of cookies by continuing his navigation on the Website, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Seeking Alpha may also deposit cookies on your terminals (computer, tablet, mobile phone).

These types of cookies are deposited on your terminals only if you consent to them by continuing your navigation on the Website or the mobile application of 11Graphs. At any time, the User may nevertheless withdraw his consent to 11Graphs depositing this type of cookies.

4.6.2. Internet tags

11Graphs may occasionally use Internet tags (also known as "tags", or action tags, single-pixel GIFs, transparent GIFs, invisible GIFs, and one-to-one GIFs) and deploy them through a web analytics partner that may be located (and thus store the corresponding information, including the User's IP address) in a foreign country.

These tags are placed both in online advertisements allowing Internet users to access the Site, and on the various pages of the Site.

This technology allows 11Graphs to evaluate the responses of visitors to the Site and the effectiveness of its actions (for example, the number of times a page is opened and the information consulted), as well as the use of this Site by the User.

The external service provider may collect information about visitors to the Site and other Internet sites using these tags, compile reports on Site activity for 11Graphs, and provide other services related to the use of the Site and the Internet.

5. Appendices

5.1 Article L. 217-4 of the French Consumer Code

The seller shall deliver goods in conformity with the contract and shall be liable for any lack of conformity existing at the time of delivery.

He shall also be liable for defects in conformity resulting from packaging, assembly instructions or installation, if the latter was made by him under the contract or was carried out under his responsibility.

5.2 Article L. 217-5 of the French Consumer Code

The property is in conformity with the contract:

1° If it is fit for the use ordinarily expected of a similar good and, where applicable:

  • if it corresponds to the description given by the seller and has the qualities which the seller has presented to the buyer in the form of a sample or model;
  • if it has the qualities that a buyer can legitimately expect in the light of public statements made by the seller, the producer or his representative, particularly in advertising or labelling;

2° Or if it has the characteristics defined by mutual agreement between the parties or if it is suitable for any special use sought by the buyer, brought to the seller's knowledge and accepted by the latter.

5.3 Article L. 217-12 of the French Consumer Code

Any action resulting from lack of conformity shall be time-barred after two years from the date of delivery of the goods.

5.4 Article L221-28 of the French Consumer Code

The right of withdrawal may not be exercised for contracts: 1° For the supply of services which have been fully performed before the end of the withdrawal period and whose performance has begun after the consumer's prior express agreement and express renunciation of his right of withdrawal;
2° the supply of goods or services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market which are beyond the control of the trader and which are likely to occur during the withdrawal period;
3° the supply of goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalised;
4° the supply of goods likely to deteriorate or expire rapidly;
5° Supply of goods which have been unsealed by the consumer after delivery and which cannot be returned for reasons of hygiene or health protection;
6° The supply of goods which, after delivery and by their nature, are inseparably mixed with other articles;
7° The supply of alcoholic beverages whose delivery is deferred for more than thirty days and whose value agreed at the conclusion of the contract depends on market fluctuations beyond the control of the professional;
8° Maintenance or repair work to be carried out urgently at the consumer's home and expressly requested by the consumer, within the limit of the spare parts and work strictly necessary to meet the emergency;
9° The supply of audio or video recordings or computer software when they have been unsealed by the consumer after delivery;
10° The supply of a newspaper, periodical or magazine, except for subscription contracts for these publications;
11° Concluded at a public auction;
12° the supply of accommodation services, other than residential accommodation, transport services for the carriage of goods, car rentals, restaurant services or leisure activities to be provided on a specific date or during a specific period;
13° The supply of digital content not supplied on a physical medium, the performance of which has begun after the consumer's prior express agreement and express renunciation of his right of withdrawal.

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